Proposition training

1 session (during daytime or in the evening)

Targeted group
Every employee/manager/director of the organization you are in.

After this training every participant can tell the company proposition enthusiastically and proudly.

– The vision and mission;
– The field of operation;
– Available methods and expertise;
– The distinctive character;
– The working atmosphere
with the aim to motivate customers to do business and to motivate talents to apply for a job.

The trainer prepares a “talking board” based on the content of the companies webssite. This talking board is discussed with the client for justification and improment.
At the satrt of the session the proposition is presented and explained to the participants. Then, the participants are instructed to tell this proposition itself four times with fellow participants. The effect is that the business proposition is practiced eight times (4 times listening, 4 times telling). The company proposition is by this approach assured.

See an impression of a proposition training (Dutch) on YouTube here.

Group size
Minimum 8, maximum depending on location capacity

– Talking board /company proposition flyer

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