Commercial Skills Professionals (Masterclass)

A lot of professionals, consultants or ‘non-sales’ have a certain aversion to selling and salespeople. They often have a completely wrong idea of this skill, what is proven in the training. But how great would it be if they realize that the client or prospect just likely buy from them personally. Matter of daring to network, to socialize, to handle a question technique and above all to listen and to offer your help. No, you do not have to sell, you’re even not allowed to sell.
Many professionals / consultants will have a more commercial attitude and that ‘Offers Business’ of course

4 evening sessions weekly 3 hours or 4 sessions in two consecutive days.

Non-sales. This training focuses on people in the service sector, which have no primary commercial function (consultants, product managers, service managers and test managers, project leaders and managers, bid managers, accountants, tax specialists, not to mention the business gurus. They often have key client contacts, but do not have sufficient commercial skills how to meet the customer.

After the training the participants are able to:
– Network;
– Generate customer appointments for the organization based on their own network and / or from current or previous job environment;
– To empathize and to listen to the client;
– Socialize, to behave informally;
– carry out propositions;
– To maintain appropriate questioning technique;
– Apply commercial skills in a client conversation;
Despite the often somewhat less extroverted arrangement of most professionals the training gives participants tools to meet the client more confidenced and …. to score!

“Positively Different” (see: Youtube-clip ‘Positively Different Explained’).
Offers Business’s theory is not based on ‘selling’ but based on “let buy”. A commercial approach that avoids stereotype sales behavior, a behavior that most people, especially customers, don’t like.

“Not selling sells best” and “Be yourself”.  The commercial skills “MENU” of a client conversation is gradually presented and  will be practiced in role plays. Each participant will be involved in each role game. Of course, attention is paid to the development of proposition knowledge, the importance of networks and making  client appointments.

Number of participants: a minimum of 6, a maximum of 12.

– PDF of the slides shown
– Summary PDF (digital reference cards)
– After 3 months during 9 weeks a link to a subtitled YouTube clip (repetition theory).
– Coursemap

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