Netphone Acquisition (Masterclass)

Created  from successful telephone acquisition sessions in the past combined with contemporary network experiences.
Integrating your network and / or networks from colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, etc. generates substantially higher efficiency in the (telephone) acquisition.

This workshop has a preparatory session. This session will be scheduled at least two weeks before the second session in order to enable the participants to make the necessary preparations.

Positively Different. How? By simply being yourself on the phone, even if you call as (junior) sales or account manager. You’ll not need to parry objections as taught in stereotypical telephone acquisition training. You will not need a telephone script. Just call a little bit different. Teh result: You’re allowed to call back and with some help, patience and some creativity, you’ll end up at the table of all the prospects you want. 

2 sessions of 3 hours.

Target group
Sales, account managers, all those responsible for creating client appointments by both existing and new customers.

After the training the participants have grown in:
– Networking;
– Hunting;
– Executing telephone acquisition;
– Generating more customer agreements.

“Positively Different” For explanation see this Youtube-clip (English subtitled).

Most sellers / sales dislike telephone acquisition.
The main reason is that they are less successful.  Telephone acquisition with an unsufficient result is just not nice. OffersBusiness guided for years on the job a lot of (junior) sales to success in telephone acquisition.

The success is hidden in a distinctive “Positively Different” phone attitude which leads guaranteed to higher scores in appointments and less “telephone aquisition” -aversion, thanks to  The Netphone Acquisition App.
Session-1: Theory, role-playing games (central)
Session 2: Training-on-the-job, by break-out in groups of two.

The Netphone Acquisitie App.



Size of the group
Minimum of 4, maximum 6 participants.

– Shown theory sheets (PDF)
– The “Netphone Acquisition App” (PPS)

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