About OffersBusiness

Founded in 2009.
OffersBusiness is training in commercial skills with a ‘positively different’ approach, which means that stereotypical sales behavior, behavior that everyone in fact dislikes, is avoided under the motto “Don’t selling sells best” and “Be yourself”.

OffersBusiness is specialized in commercial skills trainings  for ‘non-sales’. The theory is being highly accepted and practiced   by a lot of consultants/professionals  who participated in the training. (see CS-PRO-MC)

Of course we also teaches sales talent in “positively different” commercial skills. Being specialized in telephone acquisition we help novice and experienced sales into making more client appointments and provide them with a client conversation structure which let clients want to buy (see CS-ACQ-MC en CS-SALES-MC).

Owner and founder of OffersBusiness is Jetse Offers.

For more than 25 years  a ‘Positively Different’ sales and sales facilitator, who realizes the promise in the name of his company, ‘OffersBusiness”.

His career began in 1974 as an IT professional. In 1986 he started as a junior accountmanager and that appeared to be a right decision.

During 25 years he was active within the sales management of a large ICT service organization (Sogeti), which was extremely successful during the time he was on board.
His activities included managing, motivating and facilitating the sales organization. In addition he organized technical meetings and seminars (Business Development).

By organizing telephone acquisition sessions he increased client interaction by more than 250%.

Jetse Offers belongs to the (scarce) category “hunters” and appears to specialize in “Positively Different” telephone acquisition. He opened many doors to to new clients.
The art of selling (he preferres the ‘let buy’ approach)  he likes to wear to the professionals. consultants, managers ( “non-sales”) and upcoming sales talent.

To keep active after his retirement in 2016 he started OffersBusiness in 2009.
A reorganization at his employer (Sogeti) in november 2011 offered him the opportunity to start the OffersBusiness initiative i 2012 already. And not without success, because he managed to build a very respectable clientele within no time.

The secret of his success? With his infectious enthusiasm, Jetse gets people commercial active. Not only junior sales, but also professionals, consultants, managers, the “non-sales”.  That results in surprising leads.

He wrote 4 books about his ‘Positively Different’ sales theory.  (see: Bestseller(s) 😉
These books are available in Dutch only.

“Who is Jetse Offers?” Watch Jetse on YouTube introducing himself.

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