About Sascha van der Laak

Owner and founder of go4business and in that capacity franchisee of OffersBusiness.

Sascha joined the Royal Dutch Navy in 1989. During these years, she experienced the Gulf War and the war in former Yugoslavia. Within this 4 year contract she has learned a lot, gained people skills, developed social behavior and empathy, and learned to stand her ground.

In 1993 she joined a major IT services company, first as secretary, then several years as Test Specialist, after which she accepted the challenge in 2005 as junior Expertise sales in the Infrastructure division.

During eleven years Sascha was active in various commercial roles, where she was described as an instrinsic sales. She has a structured pit bull mentality and does what she promises. Not only in “farming”, but mainly also successful in opening doors to new customer relationships.

As of 2016 Sascha immersed herself in the course program of OffersBusiness which eventually led to a collaboration with Jetse Offers. She represents 99,9% behind his marketing theory (or rather “let them buy” theory). She also has the experience that you should always be yourself, do not sell, sells the best and that you should avoid stereotypical sals behavior and certainly others should not be talked into.

From the many experiences Sascha fills and filled her “backpack” and she uses it in her current role as trainer and on-on-one coaching with the aim to transfer het knowledge and experience in both (future) sales and non-sales professionals. Because even the non-sales professionals and consultants, as can be seen from the concept of OffersBusiness, prove to be ideally used as commercial forward pawns. It is precisely your professionals / consultants who promote your organization, who can provide for the organization and contribute to growth, quality and relationships.

With this collaboration with OffersBusiness Sascha added some extra services as facilitate customer-events tot he current service portfolio of OffersBusiness (see menu Training).

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