New Business Offensive

If growth is one of the objectives of your organization this year, consider the deployment of a “New Business Offensive”. New business in both existing customers and new customers. This roadmap, which combines networking and telephone acquisition  to “netphone acquisition”, thereby ensuring more customer interaction and thus to more leads and orders. See the evidence of the relationship “number of appointments’ (=Aantal afspraken) versus’ number of demands’ (=Gegenereerde vraag) in the graph below.

Such a result requires a project-based approach using the right resources, for example the use of the Telephone Acquisition App.

New Business Offensive

The roadmap includes a Kick-off ‘, a’ networking instruction ‘on Youtube, a netphone acquisition workshop and more. We’ll be glad to inform you about the details through a presentation.

Completion time per round: 8 weeks
Involvement of OffersBusiness is just  necessary in the first round.


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