Do you recognize this? New (young) sales or own employees with commercial talent will start in your Sales team and you expect basically that they will perform accordingly and generate revenue for your organization. Or a sales on your team who needs help in getting his / her results. What about training? What about support? Have senior sales or you time to guide and to introduce these new sales into your organization? In general, little or no time and guidance. Very recognizable because each organization has difficulty with this issue and is looking for a good solution.

OffersBusiness offers to help in the form of one-on-one coaching. Each individual will receive structured help and recurring attention from the coach to improve their needs and performance. For example:

  • Register personal goals and link them to organizational goals;
  • Commercial skills:
    • Collecting customer / prospect information;
    • Contact/create network;
    • Telephone acquisition;
    • Preparing and conducting client interviews;
    • Conversation techniques;
    • Completing and maintaining CRM;
    • Tips on attitude and behavior;
    • Assistance in the creation of an account plan.
  • Evaluate customer conversations and register lessons learned.
  • Coaching conversations and motivation.

A critical condition for success is that the employee must be convinced that he or she wants to be helped. Only then they are motivated and get the right ambitions to achive their commercial skills and goals.


The coaching programm exists of standard 1 daypart (4 hours) per week, per participant during one (1) month. The planning is drawn up with the customer and participant and signed for approval. During or after this first month, after evaluation the coaching can be continued and/or extended.

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