OffersBusiness teaches sales talent in “positively different” commercial skills. Being specialized in telephone acquisition we help novice and experienced sales into making more client appointments and provide them with a client conversation structure which let clients want to buy (see CS-ACQ-MC en CS-SALES-MC).

We also developed commercial skills for ‘non sales’ (professionals/ consultants) that are highly accepted and being brought into practice.(see CS-PRO-MC).


OffersBusiness launches “New Business Offensive”
If growth is one of the objectives of your organization in 2017, then consider a “New Business Offensive”. New business at both existing customers and new customers. This roadmap combines networking and telephone acquisition into “netphone acquisition”, thereby ensuring more leads and orders. More information? See contactdetails.

Franchise chain
On January first of this year Sascha van der Laak started as a franchisee of OffersBusiness. In the interest of Sascha, Jetse as OffersBusiness. The increasing demand for the commercial training of OffersBusiness justifies a start as a franchise chain. In addition, the collaboration offers a guarantee for growth, continuity, backup, but also to expand and improve our offerings together.

Number of views of Youtube-clips crosses 15.000.

Regularly OffersBusiness publishes a YouTube Clip. Some are English subtitled. Click here for the OffersBusiness channel ,

The Netphone Acquisition App
Indispensable for the (aspiring) sales. Click here.
Available in Dutch and English.

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